As you can imagine, there can be various degrees of damage to photographs, ranging from discoloured, faded, water damaged, cracked, stained and lots more. Most of this type of damage can be restored with excellent results,  however if the original image is way out of focus. it is nigh on impossible to do much to improve it. I have had requests in the past to either remove or add individuals to an existing image, this is relatively easy in most cases, dependant on the quality of each of the images being of similar quality. As you can see, there are many different aspects to restoration, some folks have asked for colour images to be converted to black and white, sometimes this can achieve better results and add a touch of atmosphere which the original lacked. Possibilities only limited by the imagination.

 Here we have an old black and white image from 1968 which has suffered water damage and discolouration and also some sharpness has been lost. On the right restored to a clean crisp black and white image, almost as good as the original.

The image on the left slight purple colouration and fading Restored version on the right, with colour restored, fading partially removed and although the original was not sharp or in focus, the restored image appears to be sharper.

The image on the left is more typical of colour deterioration and casts an overall orange tint. This tint is one which responds well to restoration as you can see from the right hand image. Sharpness was very poor on the original, but certainly responded well to removal of the orange tint.

These images are just a small sample of what can be done to revive photographs which can now be saved and printed to refresh your collection for future generations to come.