Photo Restoration

One of my favourite hobbies is the restoration of old creased, discoloured, faded  photographs. In this digital age, the means to save images which at best are in very poor condition, mainly due to bad storage or just age is a breakthrough which with a lot of practice and the right software, can on most images, produce remarkable results. Take a look at the image in the header, it was in poor condition and of course is very old too, but apart from the obvious damage, the focus has not suffered very much considering.

It was very satisfying to have been able to save the image in a better state for future generations to be able to enjoy it for another long time to come. I used to offer my services as a restoration hobby, charging very little for my efforts, but it seems everyone is now able to achieve decent results with all the new phone apps available, but I occasionally get asked to have a go at images they can't recover. Here is what I managed to achieve with the image displayed above.

WW1 restoration

I think you will agree that the result is a vast improvement on the original.

Restoration is not limited to just improving the image, it can be tinted if required. although this takes a bit more practice. By adding other images as overlays the results can be endless, all left to the imagination and ingenuity. If you have an image that requires restoring, I am willing to take a look at it for you, let you know what is possible and provide a sample image for you to decide if you like what you see. I will give you a free quotation with no obligation to buy.

Composite Images
Another interesting side to image manipulation is composite imaging, where you take say a background image and add your own subject matter which can be one image or several. The end result can be spectacular. Here are a few images I have composed.

Flightsim         background and jet

  Two images from a flight Sim combined to make this image             A stock background image and a jet with shadow added

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