Me at Bruntingthorpe airfield, photo by Michelle Middleton

Welcome to My Website

Thanks to everyone who have visited my website over the years, the theme was a brief look at my RAF career with images to back it up. But I thought it time to change the layout and theme to give a bit more variety in subject matter. If you missed reading my RAF career, it is still available as a pdf download here. The design is by no means complete but have made a start to include most of my activities and a bit of history in some cases.   It would be good to have feedback or comments. You can get in touch by email here

2021 has certainly been a challenge to social activity which I guess everyone took for granted. After a few forced lockdowns things have got a bit better, easing of social contact and being able to have family round for a meal etc., caution is still the keyword though, and facemasks although not compulsory, are still being used on public transport and shopping visits.

The virus had curtailed what was my favourite activity, helping to maintain two English Electric Lightnings down at Bruntingthorpe Airfield in Leicestershire, but as it turns out this would have happened regardless of the virus, as the airfield was leased to a car storage company and with no access to the runway, has ended the two annual Cold War Jets open days where the public enjoyed the aircraft taxi runs and the ability to get up close to most of the aircraft. There is now a proposed Cold War Jets museum being discussed so hopefully we will be open to the public in the future, but will update you all if things change.

This summer has been very unpredictable weather wise, with a great deal of sunshine early on, and for the last month August, dull rather gloomy days with very little rain. So what have we got to look forward to this Autumn and winter? I guess heating bills will increase for certain. I have already started tidying up the garden, hedge cutting, clematis cutting back, all the usual chores.

The good news is that visiting the pub for a game of dominos and a few beers is back to normal for now and a very welcome social event to take your mind off other things and enjoy a good bit of banter too. I have been tidying up the garage recently, adding a few new bits of equipment and some new lighting which helps a lot.  I hope everyone is keeping safe and enjoying life as much as is possible.

Am now fully vaccinated, having added the booster jab to my list of safety measures. At this time 15th December 2021. I have all the Christmas decorations up and outside LED lights looking good. Today as the weather is nice and sunny, I went up on the garage roof and with the aid of an extendible lance and brush, cleaned all the summer grime and muck from the triwall porch roof which makes a heck of a difference to the amount of light getting through.
 But for now, enjoy the site and hope it is informative as I intended it to be.

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