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A great game to play, although it depends on what dominoes you pick up, the skill is playing the right domino at the right time and in a game where you play partners, even more thought has to be used to maximize your score. The game of 5's and 3's is the most common game which we play down the local pub on a Friday night. Of course meeting the lads and consuming a pint or two is all part of the night.

Silver Jewellery making

Always wanted to have a bash at making a silver ring so, a few years back I bought all the tools materials and had a go. The price of silver seemed a bit steep initially, but on reflection it was not too bad. I started off using pre-1921 silver shilling coins and made loads of initial pendants for the family members.

Having gained confidence in the use of the jewellers saw and how not to break so many blades, I ventured in to making myself a silver ring from sheet silver (cut to size) and started to perfect silver soldering, producing my first ring as shown in the above image. Since then I have made tie pins, bracelets and various other items.

Model Making

As a young lad I made loads of 1/72 models of aeroplanes, only to be lost or broken over the years and the many house moves we made. A couple of years back after my rekindled association with the Lightning Preservation Group, I decided to start the hobby again. It took some time to gather all the tools and paints etc.; but a few years on I now have built 4 English Electric Lightnings and 1 Buccaneer in 1/48 scale, 1 Shackleton and 1 Spitfire in 1/72 scale. I think that will do for now as finding somewhere to display them all has reached maximum space available in my bedroom.


I have been gardening as far back as I can remember, from the time we moved to a housing estate, which had a garden. Throughout the years we have been lucky to have some sort of garden in the many house moves we have made. Now retired and settled in our bungalow, we are lucky to have a reasonable sized front and back garden in which we grow most things, veg, flowers, bushes, herbs etc. Not only a good hobby, but in these times of lock downs due to the covid 19 virus, a sanctuary where we have the space to get outdoors.


Currently I use a Lumix FZ200 a bridge camera which suits me fine and with lots of options, I chose this camera mainly because it has a Leica lens which has proved to be nice and sharp.

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