A selective colour conversion to eliminate the background colour makes this image stand out more. I use this technique quite a lot to get some very interesting results. A basic technique which involves creating a mask of the original, and painting out the background.

An HDR image, some folks like them, others don't, but if done sparingly create a very dramatic as is the case here, with the sky enhanced just enough without overdoing it.

This was a black and white photograph of me receiving my Long Service and Good Conduct medal some years back. The photo has been lightly tinted using Paint Shop Pro to good effect.

This is a composite image made up of a sky background and a new layer added with one Rolls Royce Avon engine which was the duplicated and pasted as a new layer. A mask layer was created where the sky was painted out around the engines.

Special effects are fun to do, like this image which was turned into a cartoon style one and easy to do.

The key to producing these effects is practice, There are many more things you can do, too numerous to list here, for instance adding frames to images, creating outline images which can then be coloured either by digital means or printed out and coloured using acrylics, watercolours or oil paints, the possibilities are endless and left to the imagination.

Treble One XP762This composite image was made from a Flight Sim screen grab and superimposed on a dramatic background, makes quite a nice example of what can be done with a bit of practice.