24th April 2022:

Where to start with this page? Well it has been a lousy couple of years from 2019 what with the advent of Covid-19 and all that entailed. It now seems that the advice is that we have to live with it, even to the extent that lateral flow tests which were free and a good indication of "did I have it" or not, have now been removed as a free item. So it seems like suck it and see is the way forward.


After a week of self isolating, we have a Covid free household once more. Normal service has resumed and a trip to the pub on Friday night was a well deserved change to being stuck at home. Great to meet up with the lads, although we had a missing team member also due to Covid. When will this situation resolve, if ever?

It is now 29 years since I was demobbed from the RAF, but after a long period of adjustment did eventually settle down to life back in civvy street. Am now happily retired and have several hobbies that keep me busy. But I do miss all my friends of 22 years. Would I do it all again?, hell yes I would.

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